At Women’s’ Wellness Center, we strive to make wellness and healthcare convenient. We understand you’re busy with plenty on your plate, and as busy women ourselves, we understand sometimes your plans and priorities change. When that happens, cancelling or rescheduling your Women’s’ Wellness Center healthcare appointment may be the right move. To help you navigate this change in an easy and seamless manner, we are launching the Appointment Accelerator App. This App will give you the option to reschedule your appointment immediately from the convenience of your phone.

Appointment Accelerator also gives you the opportunity to grab an earlier appointment. When other busy patients cancel or reschedule their appointment, those sooner timeslots will be made available to you! 

It’s easy and it’s convenient. Once you have an appointment, there is nothing you need to do and the App will be automatically available to you. Here how your new Appointment Accelerator App works

Options: Offering you earlier appointments:

If we have an opening in our schedule due to a cancellation or rescheduling, we will text eligible patients with existing appointments offering you the option to move your appointment into the earlier vacant appointment slot. If you want the earlier appointment, just be the first to reply as instructed by the App and our system will automatically reschedule your appointment to that new day/time. If the new day/time doesn’t work for you, just ignore the message, and keep your original appointment.

Convenience: Rescheduling Missed Appointments:

We realize things happen and sometimes you must miss a scheduled appointment. If you miss an appointment, we will automatically text you afterwards and offer two new appointment opportunities. Text back the number beside the appointment you prefer, and you will be automatically rescheduled! 

Here’s an example of what the text messaging looks like

Our goal is to deliver you healthcare excellence, and to make wellness and healthcare convenient. Today, we are excited to make your life easier with your new Appointment Accelerator App.