Dr. Fleming is amazing!! She has been my OBGYN for the past several years and I couldn’t be happier under her care. Dr. Fleming is so kind, warm, approachable, knowledgeable, and caring. I wouldn’t want to have any other doctor for all my gynecological needs. Not only does she make you feel at ease and calm any nerves you might have about your appointment or procedure, but she also makes going to see your OBGYN enjoyable. She also takes the time to get to know you personally which is such an important piece of the doctor-patient relationship; she genuinely cares about her patients! Additionally, Dr. Fleming is very punctual and never makes you feel rushed through your appointments. She always listens extensively and answers any questions with the best advice which includes up to date research and data. I highly recommend and wish I could have her as my primary care physician!!

Julie R., Newton



Dr. Sandra Fleming has been my gynecologist for the past few years. I wish I had found her sooner!   Dr. Fleming was the first doctor I saw who had expertise in menopause symptoms and the different options available for treatment. Menopause can be a difficult time and it is important to have a doctor who is warm, caring and takes the time to listen to any issues you are having.   I look forward to following her to her new practice.

Lisa M., Billerica, MA



I had the good fortune of finding Dr. Fleming when I was pregnant with our daughter 14 years ago. Words cannot say how happy I am that she has been my doctor all these years. From our first meeting, she put my mind at ease. Dr. Fleming has never once made me feel rushed at an appointment. She has such a kindness about her and she is genuinely friendly. There is never a question or a concern that is too small for her to take seriously and to spend real time answering. She really is extraordinary in the time and effort she gives to her patients and she makes an appointment I definitely do not look forward to tolerable with her lovely personality and her years of experience. Dr. Fleming is a gem.

Jessica M.



Dr. Fleming was my first gynecologist. I was really nervous about my first pelvic exam but she made me feel so comfortable and safe. She explained everything ahead of time and did not rush. She is kind, caring and knowledgeable. She has always been there for me and has gone above and beyond to help me many times. I highly recommend Dr. Fleming.

Hope B.



I needed a second opinion and asked my friend which doctor she uses. That brought me to Dr. Fleming. Well I was so pleased because she provided me with some answers and suggestions that I had not received . It is important to me to have a doctor explain what is down the road and what I should do now. I can not always think that way and I am counting on a good doctor to do that. I see that in Doctor Fleming.

Elizabeth M.



Dr. Fleming has been the most supportive, understanding and all around amazing GYN…..But she is so much more!!! She actually listens to your needs, concerns and fears and works with you to find a solution. How many Dr.s actually do that? She has always made me feel like I’m the only patient she has!!! Thank you Dr. Fleming!!!!

Suzie W.



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