Gynecology Services

Whether it’s an annual checkup, wellness, or problem visit, Women’s Wellness Center in Wellesley provides a number of gynecology services. Now is the time to make an appointment to see Dr. Fleming at her practice in Wellesley and the surrounding areas. Here are the gynecology services we provide:

Gynecology Exams

Women’s Wellness Center provides regular gynecological exams, thoroughly checking for all major health factors as well as any personal concerns you may have.

Pelvic Pain And Endometriosis

If you are experiencing pelvic pain, Dr. Sandra Fleming and her staff are available for a consultation, providing an evaluation of your pain and treatment options that best suited for your individual needs.

Irregular Periods & PCOS

If you’re experiencing irregular or heavy menstrual periods, infertility, worsening hirsutism (unwanted hair growth), acne or male-pattern baldness, Dr. Fleming and her team will offer medical treatments for your individual needs.

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding And Uterine Biopsy

For abnormal vaginal bleeding, our team can provide evaluations and treatments. We will counsel you on possible causes, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment options. 

Polyp Removal and Office Hysteroscopy

For women experiencing symptoms of abnormal vaginal bleeding, we offer the convenience of in office hysteroscopy, where you can often get an immediate diagnosis and treatment.  

Pap Smears & Colposcopies

Women’s Wellness Center provides routine pap smear screening and if abnormal, in-office colposcopy in order to obtain a diagnosis.