Nutritionist in Wellesley, MA

Over 40% of women in the US are obese (Body Mass Index/BMI >30) and 70% are overweight and obese (BMI>25). The answer to the obesity problem seems simple: eat real food, keep moving, and get a good night’s rest! However, given the obesity epidemic, it is clear that it is much more difficult and complicated. How we live has changed over the years. We are moving less, working more, have less time to go to the market frequently for fresh foods, and therefore eating more fast foods and processed foods. Temi Correll is here to help you. She will evaluate your unique situation and provide nutrition and lifestyle counseling to help you become your healthiest you.


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9:00AM – 5:00PM


Conveniently located at Playhouse Square at the corner of Forest Street and Washington Street in Wellesley, MA.